It all started with founding partner John Karnik, establishing his first engineering
company in 1990. John’s group provided engineering services to the Engineered
Wood Industry, focusing on Oriented Strand Board (OSB) manufacturing
facilities. John is known as one of pioneers of OSB engineering, in the 1980’s
engineering some of the first OSB plants in North America.

1990 to 2003 John’s group designed Ainsworth’s 100 Mile House OSB Plant,
Tolko’s High Prairie OSB Plant, Norbord’s La Sarre OSB Plant, Ainsworth’s
Grande Prairie OSB plant. In 1997, Norbord’s South Carolina, and Alabama
OSB plants, iLevel Weyerhaeuser’s Kenora LSL plant and Tolko’s Meadow Lake
OSB plant.

John Karnik gave oversight to these projects, and semi-retired in 2003.

In 2004, with global engineered wood manufacturing industry in overdrive John
Karnik came out of retirement, and partnered with his son Jan Karnik, Ken
Thompson and Carl Campen and formed KTC Panelboard Engineering Ltd.

KTC group designed Canfor’s Fort Nelson OSB plant production upgrade
project, Norbord’s Cordele OSB plant added a New OSB Line to it’s existing
one,Tolko’s Slave Lake OSB plant, and the ORIS OSB plant in Russia which
was shelved because of the global recession.

In 2005, KTC group established KTC Drevoprojekt in the Czech Republic,
purchasing and interest in a long established company. KTC Drevoprojekt
provides engineering services to the forest products industry.

In 2006, KTC stepped into the Biofiber industry and established KTC Tilby Ltd. The Tilby separation system can process sugarcane and sweet sorghum into
comflo as sugar juice, comrind and comfith as biofibre, dermax a valuable wax,
and other bio-active compounds. One of the bio-products today that is causing a
stir in the industry is producing ethanol from sweet sorghum juice.

KTC Today

KTC group completed TTS’s Engineered Fiber Mat Plant. This production
plant processes agricultural fiber such as kenaf and hemp into a, non-woven
natural fibre insulation.

KTC is working on OSB plant upgrades and production optimization projects throughout
North America. With wood pellets demand quickly growing and many companies
entering the wood pellet production market, KTC is working with our existing and
new clients to design green field plants as well as working on brown field projects.

One such project is converting an OSB plant into a high production pellet mill that will
ramp up into full production in two phases. Many of the pellet mills are close-coupled
with their wood supply from such sources as saw mill residuals.

With this in mind, we focus on process design and implementing the correct technology
in order to build a plant that is reliable and optimized for that production level at the
required pellet quality.

KTC is looking forward to the future, providing project management, mechanical,
structural, and process engineering expertise and innovative solutions to the
Engineered Wood and Composite Panel (biofiber) industry, while still providing
core services to the Oriented Strand Board industry.

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